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this list of shows is way out of date.

SHOW SCHEDULE- Where to go and see Paula's paintings on display.

2006 Show Schedule

Art at the Source, June 2005

In case you missed Art at the Source or just want to remember, here is a virtual tour

Visitors enjoying Paula's art on display, June 2005 Over 400 people came through over two weekends to view and purchase great art.
The north side of the house made up part of the outdoor gallery
Umbrellas created a festive look
Interior of Paula's studio at Art at the Source June 2005
Yes, it's quite nice
Mylette Welch can be seen through the display

Deal Direct with the Artist.

The best way to contact me about any of the pieces in my website is by
e-mail: We can arrange a transaction or make an appointment for a visit to my home studio.

Open Art Studio.
I usually participate in Art at the Source in the late spring.

Open Art Studio.
ArtTrails. I also participate in ArtTrails in the fall ArtTrails

The painting shown below shows the mustard in bloom in February. The oak in the foreground has lost its leaves for the winter.
oak and mustard

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