Paula Smith


I paint landscapes to create inner happiness and self-contentment. I respond to the beauty around me, excited by colors, filled with their sensuality like eating a hot fudge sundae.   The process is meditative. I meld with the landscape, experiencing the softness of a field of grass, the warmth of the sun, otherworldliness of a veil of valley fog, the motion of the air and water. The energy flows into me and I am but a medium transducing the flow onto canvas. My goal is to share my experience of that time and place with the viewer.

An artists’ hotline exists. We keep track of the season’s highlights. Urgency prevails. “Hurry, the mustard is yellow, the apple orchards are blossoming, the hay is mowed and bales are scattered in the field, the lavender at Matanzas Creek is popping purple, the coast is sunny and calm.” I head where the fleeting feature awaits. I lug my supplies and paint there, on site, “plein aire.” The light changes quickly. I aim to capture it at its peak, like perfect fruit.


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